Monday, September 19, 2011

Common Sense - In My Own World

                      Common Sense, before he was sued by a reggae group under the same name and was 
                      forced to change to the stage name Common arrived in 1992 (Unamerican Caravan, google 
                      it). The early 90's was the gold rush of hip-hop music, you would find gold by accident, in
                      other words music was beautiful. His debut album Can I Borrow A Dollar displayed his
                      talents yet stuck to his young joyful nature. Arguably his second album titled Resurrection
                      was his best (in my opinion, his best no doubt). Lyrically he was on another level compared 
                      to other emcees, his witty rhyme schemes separated him not only in hip-hop but in music.
                      In My Own World is just an example of the albums smooth jazzy feel and a product of my 
                      Ipod shuffle, I will forever bang out to this track. 

"I dilate pupils, it's cornea than a retina"

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